Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Another Boy For Jesus

OK, I don't try to be completely anti-"Christian" here, these things just seem to find me. Case in point: I was looking at LSU's official site today to see whether a big Tiger freshman - QB JaMarcus Russell - is active, redshirted, or whatever.

So I find his profile page (which is not particularly helpful), and at the bottom there's a really insightful - i.e. "what's your favorite video game of all time?" - Q&A with young JaMarcus.

Among the Qs and As:

What is your favorite book?: The Bible
What is your favorite place to visit? Church
If you could meet any one person, living or dead, who would it be? Jesus and Martin Luther King

What a fine, young "Christian" man. Apart from apparently not realizing that Jesus and MLK are, in fact, two people, he sure has a fine, "Christian" heart, doesn't he?

Elsewhere in the Qs and As:

What is your favorite musical group or artist? R-Kelly
Who is your favorite actor? Martin Lawrence
What is your favorite movie? Run Tel Dat
What CD is in your CD player right now? Young Rollas

R Kelly, of course, is currently facing a total of 33 counts of child pornography in two states for his alleged fondness for videotaping sex acts involving himself and teenage girls. And some - but not all - of his CDs carry Tipper Gore's "Explicit Lyrics" label.

Martin Lawrence (who's work includes JaMarcus' favorite movie, correctly titled "runteldat"), is known for his profanity and sex-charged standup routine.

The Amazon.com review of runteldat states "This is surely the dirtiest comedy performance ever released to the general public, but beneath his barrage of profanity, crudeness, and unabashed sexual material, Lawrence gets into some serious truth about life's trials and tribulations ..."

JaMarcus must have misspelled the act he refers to as "Young Rollas", because Googling that only returns his profile page from the LSU site (and, soon, Cap'n Ken). I'll assume he's referring to some underground hip-hop act.

I have no problem with R Kelly (at least until his trials wrap up), Martin Lawrence, foul language, hip-hop, wild sex, crudeness or vulgarity. In fact, apart from hip-hop (I'm a white guy, after all), I endorse all of the above (maybe not the underage videotaped sex, though).

What I do have a problem with are bold pronouncements by "Christians" such as JaMarcus about how much they love Jesus, how important church is, etc. when their real lifestyle completely contradicts all the Jesus talk.

If you love Jesus so gosh-darn much, should your favorite movie be "the dirtiest comedy performance ever released to the general public"?

Ask yourself, JaMarcus, What Would Jesus Watch?


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