Friday, August 29, 2003

You'll notice the new, seasonal look here at Cap'n Ken's. LSU Football, baby.

We kick the season Saturday vs. the University of Louisiana at Monroe (all of the second-rate state universities, which used to be known as Northeast Louisiana, Southwest Louisiana, etc. lobbied to become "The University of Louisiana at ..." a few years ago. I'm sure the rednecks going to school there are MUCH smarter now).

Anyway, with the season kicking off, I'm going to stick my neck out on the line with predictions for the 2003 campaign. Note, however, that I am not typically somebody who predicts SEC Championships for my Bayou Bengals.

I love my boys, but I'm a realist. We're usually the underdog, and for good reason. If we have good high school talent coming out of Louisiana, we do fine. But we're a small state, and we depend on recruiting in Texas and Florida to really do well, and that's hard to do consistently.

And we're the kind of school ABC does not want to see do well. Our colors are purple and gold, for God's sake. We have those old-school stripes on our shoulders, and a rather unhip LSU logo and tiger face on our helmets. Given our choice, we'd never wear anything but white jerseys.

In other words, LSU football is a perfect reflection of Louisiana. A bit beaten down; never really expected to amount to much, and assload of fun and pretty unique. As I've said, I'd stack LSU Football up against any program in the country for tradition, fun and performance.

I'm not much of a fan, by the way, of our new logo, which is featured in the top-right corner of the Cap'n's new-look page. To me it looks like Mike the Tiger is holding a press conference.

So on to predictions, which I'll take game-by-game:

UL Monroe - Win
at Arizona - Win
W. Illinois - Win
Georgia - Loss
at Miss. State - Win
Florida - Win
at S. Carolina - Win
Auburn - Loss
La. Tech - Win
at Alabama - Win
at Ole Miss *
Arkansas *

* We will win one of these games and lose the other. This isn't because Ole Miss or Arkansas are particularly good; it's just that we always screw up at least one of our final two games, which are typically against these two border buddies.

So that's 9-3, 5-3 in the SEC. I'll stick by this prediction, although we really need to get into the season to see how Georgia and Florida come together. Could end up at 8-4; I'd be real surprised if it swings to 10-2. Shooting for the Peach Bowl (mostly because it makes it easy for me to go).

I like Auburn (yes, Charles, Auburn) to win the SEC and maybe even end up playing for the national title. Georgia may make the SEC Championship, but the depends on how bad Tennessee and Florida shape up to be.


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