Thursday, August 14, 2003

Why didn't I see this coming?

Two months ago, I did a blog about the use of URLs in license plates ( Tonight, as I'm doing some blog-topic research, I came across a link on the Ga. DMV site that reads "2004 License Plate Design".

Care to guess what the new Georgia license plates will look like?

Yep, it's a URL. Seems that in the new millennium it's more important for Georgia to be in your web browser than on your mind.

By the way, I looked for a press release on the DMV site that explains the change, but there is not one out yet. I imagine a typically idiotic quote from the governor to the effect of "The new license plate designs helps showcase Georgia as a modern, forward-looking state and will let people all across the country know how to find information about the state online."

And since it seems the news of the new plate may be breaking here at Cap'n Ken's, let me forecast some possible reactions:

- There will be protests over the removal of "Georgia on my Mind" because Ray Charles is black. Suggested protester quote: "It's just one more way the white man is trying to push the black man to the sidelines."

- Advocates of the poor will use the addition of a URL to license plates to push for subsidized Internet access in low-income Georgia communities. Suggested advocate quote: "It's unfair that someone has to drive around with a web address on their car when they can't even get Internet access for themselves."

- Officials of Cobb and Gwinnett will push to change the county-name stickers that go on the bottom of the plate to include their URLs. Suggested government official quote: "People should know what's available online for Cobb County as well."

- Georgia Clean and Beautiful will complain that the shading on the top side of the plate makes it look dirty. Suggested tree-hugger quote: "What does it say about our state to have every car in Georgia look grey and dingy?"


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