Thursday, August 07, 2003

I thought I was going blogless today.

But ...

On the drive home, I heard something that spurred me to action. The radio was, as usual, set on WSB AM (they indirectly pay the wife, you know) and Sean Hannity was blabbing away. He had the Alabama judge on who won't take down the 10 Commandments and he was going on about God and the Constitution, and that got old quick. I almost pressed the CD button to listen to my new Dexter Romweber disc for a third time, but instead I punched radio button 3 and landed on Buck and Kincaid on 680 The Fan.

They have this weekly "happenings" feature with the publisher or editor of Jezebel magazine, whose name is Beth something or other. Jezebel, for those of you who may not know, is a young-person society magazine here in town with a business model that my late friend Scott Rogers once said revolved around putting enough random people in each issue to ensure profitability because each of them would buy a copy.

I own one issue of Jezebel, which happens to have Britney Spears on the cover. This Beth person interviewed her, and one of the photos in the mag was taken over the shoulder of Britney showing Beth in the other chair, big old grin on her face. I think that about sums up the essence of this Beth person.

So Beth is going on about all the best things to do in town this weekend - some event at a club in Buckhead, some other event at some other club in Buckhead, and an event for people who are over 35 at yet another club in Buckhead - and she throws out a recommendation for a band playing tomorrow night - at a club in Buckhead.

The band she was raving about is called Bed Head, and she described them as a "great 80s cover band." This is her idea of a great live music show.

Now normally, this would bother me a bit, but probably not enough to fire up the laptop and blog on my own time.

However, it just so happens that also appearing live tomorrow night is a band called The Myrtles. The Myrtles are an emo-country band from Baton Rouge who are getting a pretty good buzz in college music circles. Their guitarist also happens to be my best still-living-in-Louisiana friend.

Good music is not appreciated by the masses, I know that. It's especially not appreciated by the type of people who read (as in "I'm in the magazine!") Jezebel. The Replacements are called geniuses today, but I doubt they ever sold over 100,000 copies of an album. The now-lame REM will sell out their arena tour, but only about 125 people showed up to see Pete Buck's excellent side project at Variety Playhouse last year (Pete was selling merch and signing CDs, by the way). Elvis Costello had to beg a record label to put out My Aim is True, which is one of the best records ever made. I could go on. I won't.

Anyway, people are sheep and most young Atlantans would rather see some shit-ass band play 'Come on Eileen' and '99 Luftballoons' than broaden their horizons and take in a fresh, talented band that's getting good press in the totally-ignored college music world. Fine, that's reality.

Beth can go on about her weekend recommendations, and she'll drive the sheep to Buckhead. But for what it's worth (which is not much):

The Myrtles
Friday, August 8
10 High (underneath Dark Horse Tavern)
Show starts around 9; they'll go on around 11:30
Tickets: Who knows? I plan to be on the list


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