Monday, July 07, 2003

Tiger "Pride", indeed

Does LSU football coach Nick Saban know something we don't?

In my continuing preparation for Fightin' Tiger football season (54 days and counting), I visited this evening to see what's new on the coach's site. One of the things I wanted to check out was the new crop of Recruiting Whores he'd lined up to show prospects around campus this fall.

A school's whores are key members of the recruiting team. It's all fine and good to show off the weight room, academic center and packed football stadium when a kid visits, but not offering up some quality tail to a hot recruit is like not wearing a tie to a job interview.

Ever wonder how Arizona State is competitive in football? Check out the Sun Devil Recruiters. Hell, even Georgia Tech can scare up a few good looking girls among the student body for the Solid Gold when football is on the line.

So the lineup of Recruiting Whores is a good leading indicator for recruiting. Thankfull, LSU posts individual pictures of their whores - officially known as "Tiger Pride" - for those of us who follow recruiting closely.

For 2003-04 we've got:

Jennifer Russell

Kimmy Dao

Megan Irby

Mallory Lafargue

... and many other fine whores as well.

I'm thinking things are looking pretty good for the Class of 2004.

Then I notice something.

New members of Tiger Pride include:

Dustin Davis

and Daniel Nunes

To say the least, these are not your typical recruiting whores!

It could be that Dustin is just a mop-headed freak, but that Nunes kid is absolutely gay. So does this mean there's a couple of homosexual fellas among our potential recruits this year? Saban is nothing if not a top-notch recruiter, so there has to be something behind the addition of Dustin and Daniel to the lineup of whores.

Don't think it's some kind of PC change prompted by pressure to stop having whores escort recruits around. This is Louisiana, after all. All LSU has to offer kids is booze and sex.

So I'll keep an eye out on the recruiting list this fall. If we end up signing a high-profile placekicker or punter, I'll know why.


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