Monday, July 21, 2003

Nobody gets my jokes ...

.. or nobody but Charles is reading my blog now.

See, in the piece I did Thursday ('Finally, a title for LSU football'), I threw in a bit about our first ESPY, which was for Warren Morris' homerun to beat Miami in the CWS.

Trying to spice the piece up with a picture of Warren, I did a Google image search for "Warren Morris". The first result (which is the photo shown) was of Warren Morris, director of security at Howard Community College. So, still recovering from my night out with Tom, I thought it would be fun to put his picture there, with no explanation but that "here's Warren."

Incidentally, clicking on his picture takes you to the HCC page featuring Mr. Morris' department's Mission Statement, a fine, 4-point statement that includes "Evaluate continuously campus security trends and needs".

Anyway, I get just one email about it. Of course, it's eagle-eyed Charles, who said "Dude, I don't think that's Warren Morris." My reply? "Yeah, I know. Funny, isn't it?"

Maybe the comedy is too obtuse, or maybe it's just not funny. I was rolling, myself.

But then again, my perfect Halloween costume idea is to put my arm in a cast and act like my arm is broken, even though it's not. [crickets chirping ... tumbleweeds blowing by ... blank stares among the crowd].


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