Friday, July 11, 2003

No bleeding on the edge ... for now

I owe a payoff for the fearful blog about my PVR.

Turns out everything was ok. Maybe the way to fix the thing is to leave it alone. In any case, no hard drive reformatting, customer service call or anything like that. Ashley Judd is safely burned to a DVD; and the world is fine.

And, for the record (Will), I do love the PVR and would not want to be without one, ever again.

I think it's really odd that it can be so hard to explain the benefits of having a PVR/TiVo to people. It's a really simple concept - you record shows to a hard drive so you never miss a show and can watch it whenever you want, and skip the commercials. But for whatever reason, a lot of people can't grasp the power of that concept. But use it for a day and you will never watch regular TV again.

PVR people get spoiled. When we're traveling, it's like water torture to have to watch commercial-filled TV. When I hear something said on the radio that I didn't quite catch, I find myself looking for a remote to back it up 10 seconds. And, with the two-tuner thingy now, I get very easily frustrated when I try to set a timer to record the third show at 9 p.m. on Sunday.

One day I'll be the old man in the La-Z-Boy telling my grandchildren "you know, when I was young, we couldn't stop the TV whenever we wanted ..."


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