Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Great new Google toolbar

I find a lot of cool things (and a lot of crap) online, and rarely am I moved to share things with others. This is partly because I really don't care about the happiness of others, and partly because I don't want to be the guy passing things around on the Internet that my friends don't care about or have seen 100 times already.

But the new Google toolbar (in beta at the moment, I believe) is such a great freaking utility, I had to share.

I actually came across a link to it on the Blogspot homepage, and one of the features is a button that creates a link to whatever webpage you're on and inserts it into your blog editor. Kind of nifty if you're not an HTML person (Will), but not the main selling point for me.

The absolute killer piece of this app is its pop-up blocker. It's flawless. I have used other blockers, but all I've used in the past had fatal flaws. Typically, blockers stop any windows from popping up; even ones you want to see (such as my Mindspring web email, which spawns new windows to read messages).

But Google's figured that part out. Their tool blocks unwanted popups with absolutely no interference with your use of the web.

Another nifty thing is it actually shows you how many popups it's blocked (I'm at 134 at work after about a week). That's 134 clicks I didn't have to make to kill the pop-ups. Very empowering to know that.

And, by the way, it is also a Google toolbar ... you can search Google by entering terms in the toolbar box. On the face of it, that's the purpose of the toolbar - drive search traffic to Google - but the real value is the blocker.

So get it.

Google Toolbar

(That link, by the way, was created using their blogger button)


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