Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Did I really hear this?

I was on the road today at lunch and, being as TiVo does not make a device for radio yet, I heard a commercial that has me wondering if I actually heard what I think I did.

The spot was for D. Geller and Son - the well known and generally despised discount jeweler here in town.

[as an aside, the wife and I had an amusing encounter with D. Geller when I was shopping for engagement rings. I had no intention of buying anything from them, but went there to check out different diamond cuts (to buy online later). Pushy-ass salesman dude pressed me to buy on the spot so much I ended up saying "Look, if you're going to keep pushing me to buy something right now, I'm just going to leave and never come back", at which point he said "Well, you should just leave then." We left]

Anyhow, the concept of this particular spot was that overpriced cheap jewelry makes a better gift for special occasions than traditional things such as flowers or candy.

They go on and on about how diamond jewelry is the gift that lasts forever and all that, then one of the spokesmorons says - to paraphrase - "she'll be enjoying the diamond long after the chocolate has made its way to the Chattahoochee."

Am I misunderstanding that comment, or is he actually referring to the human digestive and sewage processing systems? That's how the chocolate would end up in the Chattahoochee, isn't it? I don't think he's saying your lady will be so upset with getting chocolate that she'll pull over on the Lester and Virginia Maddox bridge and dump her gift into the water.

Of course, people who would enjoy this subtle brand of fecal humor are D. Geller's primary market, so maybe this is good marketing.


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