Friday, July 25, 2003

Death Becomes Them (aka They Become Death)

I was really bothered today looking at the second round of "death photos" of Qusay and Uday. Not because I think they shouldn't have been killed or that we shouldn't parade them around to prove they are gone.

What bothered me so much was their post-mortem makeovers. Fuckin' freaky, man. When did the goverment have the time to take them over to Fisher & Sons, anyway?

The goal, apparently, is to really make the Iraqis believe the two are dead. But do we really think giving them a shave and slapping on funeral home makeup is going to accomplish this? The boys looked like a couple of Kansas City faggots, to paraphrase Slim Pickens.

They even went so far as to give Uday his trademark Miami Vice stubble beard. This is what they think will sway Iraqi opinion? Honestly, they could have done enough mortuary work on any dead Iraqis they wanted and made them look like Quasy and Uday.

And are funeral-home makeovers even part of the Iraqi culture? Only Arab funeral I remember seeing was the Ayatollah Khomeini's, and I don't remember him looking all that pretty when they pulled him out of his wooden box.

Says your average Iraqi:"Heavy makeup and nicely-trimmed facial hair? That's them alright."


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