Monday, July 14, 2003

Common effing courtesy!

Basic human courtesy - sadly - is not one of the things I expect to encounter very often in the revitalization zone that is East Atlanta.

My interaction with hoodies more typically involves things like incessantly barking dogs (the house behind me) left outside all night to howl; a 1978 Buick barreling down Van Vleck at 70 miles per hour or the door- hood- and trunk-less Caprice Classic plopped down in front of the house that already has two non-functioning Caprices in the driveway.

There have been, of course, exceptions to this experience.

There was the time when I put my ratty old sofas on the curb to be claimed by the first brother with a pick-up truck to come by. A couple of hours later I get a knock on the door, and a very courteous fella asked if the sofas were free for the taking and if he could have them.

The 90-year-old man who lives next door is as friendly as my grandfather, and Charlie who lives across the street almost wouldn't take the extra $5 I gave him for cutting the jungle that had once been my backyard yesterday.

But when fetching the mail after work tonight, I found something so amazing I had to blog it.

Among the mail was a simple photocopied note. It was from Katrina and Tiffani, who live one street over on Braeburn. It read:

Dear Neighbors,

We will be having a birthday party that will include all outdoor festivities July 12, 2003.

Our party will begin around 9 or 9:30 and will disperse around 1 a.m.

We have a lot of musicians that will be performing live and a few in a drum circle until 11:30.

If in the event that our party becomes excessive in noise levels, we can be reached at 404.993.2375 for Katrina or 404.702.4527 for Tiffani.

Thanks in Advance
Katrina and Tiffani
1568 Braeburn Drive

Wow. Questionable grammar aside, I though that was pretty damn cool of them. Of course, I didn't check mail on Saturday, or I might have wandered over to see the "drum circle" and whatnot.


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